To ensure the best fit, Facis offers the possibility of managing more than 380 different combinations by implementing its sizing system using the following parameters:


From 46 to 64.
With maxi sizes reaching 74.

Size: half chest circumference measured over the shirt.


From 0 to 8.

Drop: difference between half the chest circumference and half the girth measurement.


ES-S-R-L-XL from extra short to extra long.

Stature: height.

The Facis collection is currently broken down into six different lines to satisfy all stylistic needs:

Torino Line

A classic and comfortable silhouette for the man who prefers a looser style.

Firenze Line

A more contemporary silhouette for the man who prefers dressing formally with clothing that falls naturally.

New York Line

A younger silhouette with softer shoulders and lightweight construction for the most contemporary man who likes to incorporate sportier pieces into his look.

Trendy Line

A slim and alluring silhouette with slimmer lapels and narrower flap pockets for customers in search of the latest trends.

Brera Line

The latest addition to the Facis brand, just like the sophisticated area of Milan from which it takes its name, offers an up-to-date and trendy look, with a slimmer silhouette and a new 71-long jacket.

Elegant/Ceremony Line

For special occasions and more exclusive events.