The origin of the brand.

Style, quality and tradition. These are the key elements that make a brand like Facis unique. The brand’s history began in the 1930s in Turin, when the Donato Levi Company and the Rivetti wool mills merged into a single entity to conceive GFT (Gruppo Finanziario Tessile) and the Facis brand (Fabbrica Abiti Confezionati in Serie). In 1932, Facis was immediately identified with manufacturing men’s garments and suits, thanks to its use of the best raw materials and high quality production techniques. Consequently, stores carrying the Marus and Facis brands began to crop up.


Industrialisation: taking measurements.

After World War II, Facis revolutionised the formal menswear market, thanks to the instincts of its young owners, Franco, Silvio and Piergiorgio Rivetti. Inspired by the American prototype, they set all their sights on sized ready-made clothing. At the beginning of the 1950s, GRT literally measured more than 25,000 Italian men in order to permit Facis to dress the entire nation, for the first time, with non-tailor-made suits.


Style and communication.

The 1960s were identified with revitalisation, and consequently revolutionising the manufacturing and distribution methods and how products were marketed. 
Communication became essential for the brand to the point that the first advertisement of the company was created and designed in 1954 by Armando Testa.
The well-known image of a man running with a suit under his arm was paired with the then-famous slogan: “While rushing to get dressed, there is a Facis suit”.
During the 1960s and the 1970s, Facis was known as being the largest Italian manufacturer of men’s clothing.


100% Italian Ready-to-Wear.

With the expansion of the world of fashion starting from the 1970s, the group launched itself as licensee of the rising stars in fashion, amongst which were Giorgio Armani and Valentino.
Made-in-Italy Ready-to-Wear began to stand out thanks to its evident creativity. 
It was especially during these years that collections with extremely high quality finishing touches came out of Facis’ manufacturing establishments.


Rebirth of style.

During the 1990s, the GFT group survived important changes of which the transfers of brands like Facis and the Valentino collection. The year 2001 marked a turning point: three brothers, Carmelo, Piero and Giovanni Bucalo, owners of Mediconf S.p.A, purchased a 100% stake in Facis and its manufacturing establishments. A new corporate strategy was created, directed at relaunching the brand: new collections and new investments aimed at making Facis recognised as a reference point for men seeking elegance for all occasions.


Relaunch, in the midst of tradition and innovation.

In 2005, the company joined the Bucalo family’s newly created holding called “HIB Group” (Holding Industrie Bucalo), which fostered the relaunch of the brand, its company structure and its product. In addition to Facis, the holding owns Gifrab S.r.l, a company existing in the retail market with direct and franchised stores carrying the Bucalo brand. Facis continued to pay the maximum attention to tastes and trends, by concentrating on coats, jackets and suits, shirts, knitwear, accessories and a sportswear line.

In 2006, the company began to expand into outlets to become up-to-date with the times. Today the brand is present on national territory in 11 of the largest shopping villages. In 2011, with a view to international expansion, Facis moved its headquarters from Turin to Milan and launched a new brand called FCS 1932.

Tradition and innovation are combined into a single brand. Thanks to over eighty-seven available sizes (further increased by its precise TailorMade service), Facis accomplishes the perfect union between sought-after innovation and the refined elegance of sartorial style.