No two men are alike.This is why Facis provides its customers with the guarantee of eighty years of experience and all its skill in creating a garment to satisfy all different fits and to meet the exclusive tastes of those wearing it.
A TailorMade garment is unique due to the care given to details and to high quality materials

Thanks to a permanent selection of fabrics from the best Italian wool mills such as Loro Piana, Cerruti and Reda, our company is able to respond to every demand to personalise and make every garment TailorMade.

As a result, within a brief time, each suit is created following the style characterising each man, by paying much attention to exclusive details: embroidering the name or initials and choosing among different variations of accessories like buttons, linings and patches, the TailorMade Facis service undertakes to make each suit your suit.


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